Expertise & Awards

Steeltech expertise in steel construction for steel erection and tankage works and has a proven track record of 15 years

Steeltech have successfully involved steel constructions/completed small and big projects within the scheduled time without compromising safety and quality of the jobs.

Our erection team study and analyze the project requirement, structure complications and shapes, temporary propping system, crane parking position and prepares the methodology accordingly. This methodology, we consider transportation of items from factory /storage yard to final installation position including access roads.

We have erection experts to help the erection team at site to handle the heavy and complex structure installing by innovative method and smoothly.

Advance planning, proper and faster co-ordination and resource planning by our team always makes steel structure construction done successfully.

We follows various types of erection method like conventional method using cranes, manual lifting by chain blocks, using temporary steel structure with winches, jack systems and sliding methods.

Company has an experienced and loyal workforce with a solid and professional thinking to solving problems and providing innovative solutions. Over the years the company has acquired a well earned reputation for its services, expertise and technical competence.

With our expertise we can easily execute the challenging steel structure construction works in your project.




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