Steeltech facility has state of the art technology in engineering & fabrication techniques.

Our fabrication facility at TUAS having specialized machines such as vertical milling machine, horizontal drillers, CNC gas cutting machines, Plate shearing m/c, Hole punching m/c, and hydraulic presses.

The results are the structures are fabricated with the highest quality standards to the satisfaction of customers and as per the drawings.

Our fabrication shop got 12,000 sq. ft covered workshop and 10,000 sq. ft open yard. We got a lot of spaces surrounded our factory reserved for the storage of materials. 10T over crane and 10t Gantry crane is available at the fabrication shop.

We have our associates for design works and got shop drawings detailers design engineers, draftsman.

With top of the line equipment and engineering team support, you can trust our team of experienced welders and fitters to live up to our reputation for getting the job done right for the first time.